Thursday, September 21, 2006

Media Bias? Nothing to See Here!

I have to interrupt my previously scheduled programming to make sure and get this in:

Has anyone else noticed that while a group of anti-war protesters can be found on any of the alphabet news organizations, plastered far and wide across teh interweb, as it were....

...where's the coverage of the 35-40 THOUSAND people who turned out to speak their mind about the presence of Ahmadinejad on American soil.

Now discounting how you feel about who does and does not most closely represent Hitler in this crazy modern world, how can anyone not be disturbed by the glaring ommission of this protest by those who would tell us what to find important?

Turn off your TV folks, the bobble-heads at 7:00 and back for an exclusive at the top of the hour are lying to you again.

Here's some pajamas media sources you can check out for yourself:

Little Green Footballs

Jewlicious has Pics

See any Mainstream Media Here?

Thank you to Right Wing Nation for tipping me off to this.


At 22/9/06 8:25 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for the media!!!

Wait, isn't it an obviously unbiased media? All of the "learned" and "intelligent" liberal draft dodger college professors claim there is no such thing as media bias!!!


At 22/9/06 3:30 PM , Blogger Jetgirl said...

Based on the look of most of the college professors I experienced they were probably too young to be dodging much of anything in the 60's.

Congratulations WarSong, for being my first commenter! *waves pennent flag*


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