Sunday, October 22, 2006

Missing the Point

I can almost understand those Republicans who are commited to giving their own party a thrashing by voting Democrat at the polls this November, though I think they're foolish and will want to eat that vote before too long. I can understand those that want to vote out every encumbant anywhere and at least try to start over. I heard Tom Delay on the AM yesterday, pleading with people to reelect their encumbants. I honestly don't see the point. If it's garbage already, it's not going to magically turn into pearls after being reelected for the umpteenth time. I personally think the American people should ride through Capitol Hill like the horsemen of the apocalypse, lay waste and ruin, and remind the spoiled brats currently running our country who signs their paychecks. And we should have done it yesterday.

What I cannot understand is the cadre of folks who think they're just going to stay home, ride this one out.

Regardless of how much voters may have to hold their noses over candidates for public offices, we are going to be in a world of hurt if the conservative masses take the media's advice and give up this year. Have you noticed there's no "Get out the Vote" campaigns this time around? Every other story on the news (what I see of it) is about a poll stating that Republicans are staying home, with a conspicuous lack of urging the populus to do it's civic duty.

Anyhow, regardless of candidates, the hurt is going to come from the propositions and bills on the ballot if we stay silent.

In my state we are facing a grand total of $42,600,000,000 (that's billions folks) in new bond measures. These are unsurprisingly characterized as a tax-free way to save babies and old people, turn California into an environmental Eden, and save the world. Anyone who doesn't vote for this is a seal-clubbing baby-hating bastard.

I am that bastard. We already have taxes that are intended to pay for these things, don't tell me that we need to spend effectively 80 billion (after interest) more unless you can show me that EVERY SINGLE DIME of the taxes already collected for road repair, and park creation, and welfare for old folks is being spent in the most efficent manner humanly possible. I already know it's not, so I won't be contributing to make an even bigger, less efficent system that loads California up with even more outrageous debt.

That's just one example. If you stayed at home you would also miss the chance to vote again on parental notification for abortions, and to limit the government's power of eminent domain. Each is a no-brainer, and one the left desparately hopes you ignore by skipping this election and staying home with your 200 channels.


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