Thursday, December 21, 2006

Indulge Meme

I do realize I've been slacking in my blogging since I've started. It's just that Final Fantasy XII is just SO GOOD. I've got a couple of things percolating, and will fill in with a couple of long posts in the next few days.

In the meantime, I've been hit with a meme by Rightwingprof. I must oblige, otherwise I feel I might be glowered at, and a glowering by Rightwingprof I'm not sure I could endure.

Here goes: Six Weird Things About Me

1. Palindromes: I will only get out of bed if the current time is a palindrome, which means I typically get up at 7:07 or 7:17. I get very nervous about the day if I get up on a non-palindrome time. I have to turn my alarm off before the minute passes, or it doesn’t count.

(For those of you who think I’m a pansy for not getting up at some ungodly hour before dawn, I got up at 4:34am through jr. high, high school, and two years out of college working in agriculture. I feel I deserve to never see another sunrise.)

2. Music: I like all sorts of music, and there’s at least one song in every genre that I enjoy. I have very odd mix CDs: one of my favorites consists entirely of Marilyn Manson (circa 1990’s) and Debussy.

3. Nationality: People think I’m from England. I speak monthly at workshops my business puts on, and I am asked where I’m really from almost every time. My secret is that I spent five years in speech therapy to correct a profound lisp and stutter. They taught me how to speak in full sentences without using slang, therefore, I must be British.

4. Prosopagnosia: I am face-blind. Interestingly, I have an unusual form of prosopagnosia due to undiagnosed vision problems in early childhood. I could not see far enough to make out facial features, therefore never developed proper recognition characteristics. They popped me in an FMRI a few years ago as part of a prosopagnosia study and confirmed that almost all visual data I received activates my language centers rather than visual centers.

5. Cooking: Oddly enough, I love chemistry and hate cooking. One would think they’re the same thing, but I have a serious mental impairment when it comes to getting in the kitchen. I made edible mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage last night, and it was a major accomplishment. I have failed to boil water correctly, and ruined top ramen.

6. Bad Habit: I interrupt myself if I have a really good thought while I’m talking, and just stand there and think about it momentarily. One of my coworkers has been making inquiries as to whether I might be having petite mal seizures a few times a day. Apparently she’s been informed that I’m fine, just weird.

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