Thursday, December 21, 2006

Indulge Meme

I do realize I've been slacking in my blogging since I've started. It's just that Final Fantasy XII is just SO GOOD. I've got a couple of things percolating, and will fill in with a couple of long posts in the next few days.

In the meantime, I've been hit with a meme by Rightwingprof. I must oblige, otherwise I feel I might be glowered at, and a glowering by Rightwingprof I'm not sure I could endure.

Here goes: Six Weird Things About Me

1. Palindromes: I will only get out of bed if the current time is a palindrome, which means I typically get up at 7:07 or 7:17. I get very nervous about the day if I get up on a non-palindrome time. I have to turn my alarm off before the minute passes, or it doesn’t count.

(For those of you who think I’m a pansy for not getting up at some ungodly hour before dawn, I got up at 4:34am through jr. high, high school, and two years out of college working in agriculture. I feel I deserve to never see another sunrise.)

2. Music: I like all sorts of music, and there’s at least one song in every genre that I enjoy. I have very odd mix CDs: one of my favorites consists entirely of Marilyn Manson (circa 1990’s) and Debussy.

3. Nationality: People think I’m from England. I speak monthly at workshops my business puts on, and I am asked where I’m really from almost every time. My secret is that I spent five years in speech therapy to correct a profound lisp and stutter. They taught me how to speak in full sentences without using slang, therefore, I must be British.

4. Prosopagnosia: I am face-blind. Interestingly, I have an unusual form of prosopagnosia due to undiagnosed vision problems in early childhood. I could not see far enough to make out facial features, therefore never developed proper recognition characteristics. They popped me in an FMRI a few years ago as part of a prosopagnosia study and confirmed that almost all visual data I received activates my language centers rather than visual centers.

5. Cooking: Oddly enough, I love chemistry and hate cooking. One would think they’re the same thing, but I have a serious mental impairment when it comes to getting in the kitchen. I made edible mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage last night, and it was a major accomplishment. I have failed to boil water correctly, and ruined top ramen.

6. Bad Habit: I interrupt myself if I have a really good thought while I’m talking, and just stand there and think about it momentarily. One of my coworkers has been making inquiries as to whether I might be having petite mal seizures a few times a day. Apparently she’s been informed that I’m fine, just weird.


At 21/12/06 2:14 PM , Blogger rightwingprof said...

"Palindromes: I will only get out of bed if the current time is a palindrome"

Interesting. I have an internal clock that wakes me around 3:30 am. There is no going back to sleep, so I get up at 3:30 every morning, seven days a week.

"Prosopagnosia" (and petit mals)

Fascinating. I did my grad research on parallel distributed processing, specifically natural langage processing. Simply fascinating.

I have a cousin who as a baby, had rheumatic fever and the fever caused a brain lesion. He had a serious seizure disorder as a result, one which could never be controlled by medication. His parents took him to the Mayo Clinic when he was 18, and they removed the lesion. However, he could no long distinguish one letter from another.

"Cooking: Oddly enough, I love chemistry and hate cooking. One would think they’re the same thing"

Actually, cooking is partly chemistry, but more art. Baking, on the other hand, definitely is chemistry.

I hate memes.

At 21/12/06 3:41 PM , Blogger Jetgirl said...

Just want to clarify, in case it turned out ambiguously: I do not have a seizure disorder, only the face-blindness, a former lisp, and a complete inability to cook which may be congenital.

At 1/1/07 4:13 PM , Blogger Adam said...

I've hardly played any of Final Fantasy XII, but I could tell that I'm going to be addicted when I eventually buy it. I've been glued to Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii since I got it for Christmas. The Wiimote consumes batteries; I'm on my third or fourth pair of AA batteries already.

I've had people assume I'm from England too, but I have no idea why they'd think that of me.

At 24/1/07 2:14 AM , Anonymous Jered said...

Interesting. I learned something today.


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