Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Getting Paranoid

An MSN story I ran across today:

“A Goodwill Industries worker who turned in more than $5,000 she found in donated pajama pants will get to keep the money because the owner could not be found.”

Okay, first off, the $5,000 ended up at Goodwill. Was it not like Goodwill couldn’t use $5,000? Isn’t that what they’re for? I was thinking that the manager’s decision was somewhat reasonable due to the fact that the employee was going to use the money on education rather than, say, cocaine, then I read....

“The money was in an envelope with a note naming the intended recipient.”

So. Okay. There was a NAMED INTENDED RECIPIENT. Why did the money not go to the person it was clearly named to go to?

I smell a rodent of some sort. Perhaps I am just losing faith in humanity, but I can think of at least five better things to do with that money, including firstly giving it to the person it was obviously intended to go to.

EDIT 05/26/07: I realized last night that there may be at least one good reason for this, namely if the intended recipiant's name was "John Smith" or the like, and tracking down the real one would have been nearly impossible. I still think, however, that since the money ended up at a charity organization, it should have gone to charity.


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