Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Things That Make Me Go Grrr

I usually like Hannity fairly well. It's something to listen to that's not as vapid as FM, undoubtedly, and he covers lots of news items I wouldn't be aware of if I relied on the main stream media.


But his attitude toward the presidential candidates is abysmal. He's a Rudy-bot, that's clear, but he actually, in the space of several minutes, told every other candidate who's not Rudy, Thompson, or Romney, that they need to get off the stage and give the big boys more time. As soon as he said that he turned around and praised the effort to get the border fence built. Which is being headed by... a presidential candidate that he wants to see abandon the stage to the "real contenders." The same presidential candidate who wrote the fence bill in the first place and got it passed.

I'm sick of this. I want to vote for the person who best represents me, not the one who's most popular, or has the most money, or the best hair. I want the one I who will sit there in Washington and be of the same mind as I.

All these whiners are doing insisting that people abandon the dark horse because gees their principles are excellent but they're just not shiny enough, is to guarantee we get another round of crappy candidates that appeal to the "fence sitters."

I personally don't give an ancient flatulent shih-tuz for this kind of thinking.

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